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2N Reader Opening the door with our WaveKey technology is quicker than swiping an RFID card. Move with the times and offer a fast, secure and convenient method of access.

Reader Smart Signo

Mobile-ready by default, including Apple's Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) to support credentials in Apple Wallet Easily and securely managed using HID Reader Manager Support for the widest range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access  via native Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC).


XPass 2 is an outdoor compact RFID reader based on Suprema's state-of-the-art RFID technology and multi-hardware platform. With the multi-form factor technology with mullion-mount, gangbox-type and gangbox keypad-type designs, XPass 2 can be installed in various environments. XPass 2 also supports dual-frequency (125kHz / 13.56MHz) RFID technology and can read the mobile cards using NFC and BLE. Packed in a strong IP67/IK08 box, it is dust & waterproof as well as vandal-resistant, suitable for t

DHIASI7213XT1 face reco

Facial recognition. standalone system Non-contact automatic body temperature detection and facial recognition. Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃). Automatically identify unmasked personnel and provide real-time warning. Support mid-range temperature measurement and real-time warning of high temperature. 7-inch IPS HD display. 1080P (1920x1080). Face recognition (support 22400 faces database and 100000 records). IP34